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School of Dentistry has a well-supplied library with a wide range of reference text books and current journals of the Medical, Dental & Oral sciences.  It is located on the fifth floor of the school’s north wing with 8 operational computers and the Internet access. These computer systems are provided for scientific research purposes. Students can use the copy machine, being placed adjacent to the library. 

Information Technology & Videoconferencing facilities:

School of Dentistry is the first school equipped with a full scale computer and Internet access in-house. A specially designed lecture theatre equipped with video recording and audio-video facilities as well as the capacity to broadcast outside the school, town and country via satellite connection which are all proofs of high-tech advancement.

This section benefits from a fully supported auditorium, Video film studio by professional directors working with national state television which is also supplied with a wide screen video presentation, enabling live surgical procedures to be shown and presented to viewers even within the vicinity of the building. There have been two distance learning programs already arranged on virtual education system by the support of this department, namely: courses in occlusion for final year dental students, and proposed MPH course. 


There are several basic science and dental laboratories within the vicinity of the school or in collaboration with the Medical School. Courses will be designated and corresponding is made for the ease of students and staff to use these labs.

Individual labs for the course of DENTAL SURGERY are as follows:

  1. Human Anatomy theatre
  2. Physiology Lab
  3. Microbiology & Immunology Lab
  4. Biochemistry & Biophysics Lab
  5. Dental Anatomy Lab: This lab is located on the 2nd M level of the north wing of the school building with the staff room close to it ,being convenient for students to reach. A collection of models from each tooth within the dentition is available in the lab, with several boxes of natural teeth for students practice and tests. Wax blocks as well as other preparatory materials are provided for students to work with them during their course.
  6. Prosthetic Lab: There are two separate Prosthodontic labs within the school. The first lab is located on the 1st M level of the north wing for the removable prosthesis, while the second one is on the 4th M of the north wing dealing with fixed prosthodontic requirements. Students will have their courses to be taught in such laboratories according to the subjects.  
  7. Preclinical Dental Lab: This specifically designed lab is equipped with plastic phantom head specially provided for education purposes. Several subjects including Operative Dentistry, Endodontics, Periodontics and in certain circumstances Pedodontics will be presented in this lab.

 Post graduate Courses and Fellowship Programs:

School of Dentistry as one of the leading schools in Iran has a long history of Post graduate teaching and training. This has made teaching team of the school as a critical part of the Ministry’s decision making team. It is of note that each department has a separately designed program receiving 3-4 students each year through a national university entrance exam. Details of all courses are given in the next issue of the University Prospectus under “Post Graduate Programs”. Four recently approved FELLOWSHIP programs of Hospital Dentistry, Implant Prosthodontics, Implant Periodontics and Implant surgery are going to start in Oct, 2008 with 2 students each course per year. There has been the 5th program already started in 2011 as “Orthognatic Surgery” with two departments centered in Orthodontics Department.


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